Materials & Production Safety

The main ingredient of Fucoidan, Mozuku, is produced from Okinawa which nearly 1,700km(about distance from San Diego to Denver, Colorado) away from Fukushima where the nuclear accident happend, and our products are produced Nara such a safe place from radioactivity.

Okinawa is way far from Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant(1,700km)and very close to Taiwan.(200km)

FDA Radioactive Quarantine

From March 22, FDA(USA) conducts radioactivity check thoroughly for the imports food and food supplementary from Japan. All the UMI NO SHIZUKU FUCOIDAN product also will pass the quantine by FDA, so that it ensures the safety of the products that you are purchasing.

  Why UMI NO SHIZUKU is the most effective fucoidan products?
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  Manufacturing Process of Fucoidan UMI NO SHIZUKU.
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