What is Fucoidan?

Fucoidanis the slimy constituent and the key ingredient present in marine brown seaweeds such as Mozuku(Cladosiphon Okamuranus) and Mekabu (Undaria pinnatifida).

Chemically, Fucoidan is a polysaccharide (a long chain of simple sugar molecules), bonded together with fucose. This unique chemical structure protects seaweeds from the elements and physical damage in the water, and also makes fucoidan a potentially useful substance for humans.

Fucoidan has been researched extensively for its bioactive benefits.*

Many studies conducted at prestigious institutions worldwide (such as PubMed, Oxford Journals) have found that fucoidan may have the ability to support quality of life.*


Structure of Fucoidan

The power of fucoidan comes from its unique chemical structure – polysaccharides bound together with sulfate, along with various minerals absorbed from the ocean.

This high-molecular polysaccharide, Fucoidan, is said to support the natural defense power in our body.*

The US National Library of Medicine has recorded over a 1,000 research studies on Fucoidan and the effects it has on the human body.


Why So Much Emphasis on Polysaccharides and Sulfate Groups?

Sulfate is one of the main structural or chemical factors associated with biologically or physiologically active polysaccharides.

The number of sulfate groups in fucoidan contributes to the efficacy of its bio-active benefits.

A polysaccharide is defined as a type of sugar produced by at least 10 monosaccharides bonded together. In other words, Fucoidan is a chain of at least 10 monosaccharides, including the main constituent fucose.

The composition of sulfated polysaccharides, minerals, and fucose is what makes Fucoidan.

This is an important factor when it comes to selecting the best Fucoidan. Excessive refinement strips away minerals and pigments, making the fucoidan extract lighter in color. Complete 100% purity means less bioactivity and reduced efficacy within the human body. Our fucoidan is extracted whole with minerals and pigments, to create a one of a kind nutritional supplement.


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