Fucoidan Umi No Shizuku - The Best Nutritional Supplement

Why is Umi No Shizuku the Best among All Fucoidan Products?

Fucoidan UMI NO SHIZUKU is 100% natural and it has very unique properties that outrun other existing products.

Fucoidan - Nutritional Supplement 1.High Concentration of High Purity Fucoidan

UMI NO SHIZUKU contains the proprietary mix of Fucoidan from Mozuku (Cladosiphon okamuranus) and Mekabu (Undaria pinnatifida). Fucoidan from Okinawa Mozuku, the product's key ingredient, is 100% natural and it is obtained from the brown seaweeds grown in the clean and fresh waters of Okinawa Japan. Mozuku from Okinawa contains the highest content of fucoidan among other seaweed species from all over the world. The amount of Fucoidan in its pure form (L-fucose and sulfated ester groups) in UMI NO SHIZUKU is significantly higher than that in many other products that claim to contain fucoidan.* 

2. Synergistic Effect with Agaricus Blazei Mycelium Extract

Fucoidan UMI NO SHIZUKU products also contain Agaricus blazei mushroom mycelia extract. Agaricus blazei contains a polysaccharide with a particularly high content of Glucose in the form of β-glucan.* The addition of Agaricus extract to the Fucoidan blend complements its effectiveness and function.* 

3. Premium Fucoidan Formula in the Best Nutritional Supplement

Fucoidan UMI NO SHIZUKU is an excellent nutritional supplement because it contains not only Fucoidan from the ocean, but also Agaricus blazei mycelia extract from the land. 

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Manufacturing Process of Fucoidan UMI NO SHIZUKU  
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Powder Type
(30 sachets / box)
 Capsule Type
(120 capsules / bottle)
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(30 bottles / set)